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About us

Grassroots Hydroseeding is a division of Monster Industries Inc. Our strategic partnerships with other industry leaders allow us to provide you with the highest quality products at outstanding prices.

Our Equipment

The TurfMaker equipment that we use is smaller and more diverse than most of the hydroseeding units you will see on the highways. We mix smaller batches of slurry and as a result‚ we weigh much less and can get into areas that the larger trucks cannot. Most larger trucks will not seed anything under a 2 acre area. The strength of our smaller machine’s is that we can efficiently seed both small and large areas.

We can be quite precise with our application as we spray most of our product standing on the ground. We do not use a cannon‚ which will work for massive areas such as ditches that need only general cover but not so good when an even and precise application is required‚ or when sod quality results are important.

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